Saturday, December 8, 2012

Inspiration, Imagination, Intuition: Email Writing Workshop

This seven-week email workshop will be of interest to anyone who wants to explore the creative process through writing. It will benefit both beginning and established writers in all genres from fiction and poetry to technical writing and memoir. Participants will: 

  •  make the space to write – physical, mental, emotional  
  • practice easy and effective writing guidelines to move through creative blocks     
  • hush those internal nay-saying voices that lead to abandoned writing projects
  • enjoy writing opportunities that invite the muse to play
  • bring mindful awareness to the creative process

How the workshop will work:

-      Each week the facilitator will email a short discussion of an aspect of the writing/creative  process, along with an opportunity to practice through a specific writing exercise.
-      If they choose to, participants will email back their responses: short excerpts from what they have written in response to the assignment; and/or insights that arose from completing the assignment.
-      With participants’ permission, a selection of these responses will be sent anonymously as encouragement to all workshop participants.

The seven-week workshop will begin January 8. Cost is $85.00. Payment by check, cheque or Paypal. Registration deadline: January 4. 

I will donate 30% of tuition to the Zen Monastery Peace Center

What previous participants in the workshop have said:

clear, imaginative and supportive
- KM, British Columbia 

It was fun to open an e-mail and see what was in store for me that week. This is a wonderful and gentle way to start coming out as a writer.
JZ, Alberta

Your questions for us regarding the ideal writing space had me traveling ...emotionally....physically...historically...habitually...returning to my own home place.
CW, Saskatchewan

To register, contact: 

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